VIP tricks for shiny skin!

Matte skin is no longer trendy. Natural looking skin with a bit of shine and blush is the number one in the Hollywood!

The trends are clear skin should be bright, shiny and healthy. Is your skin tired, and all the freshness gone? Try some of the best tricks from Hollywood!

Actresses and models wear nowadays only a little bit on make-up. They obtain unified appearance by use of the brightening serums under the make-up or powder.

How does serum work? When looking for one, choose serum containing vitamin C you will be amazed how beautiful brightened your skin will look like. Some serums also work on a similar basis as BB creams, which are recommended as a foundation under the make-up, because they prevent your skin from getting to oily and create unwanted spots on your face. After the serum application just use light make-up in the shade of your skin then just simply add mascara and light lip gloss.

Israeli model Bar Rafaeli gives main importance to the proper care, when you are getting ready for the sleep. She says that you have to remove all the make-up and use cleansing agents such as soaps, gels or toners to get rid of all impurities and imperfections. Never forget to do your morning and evening cleansing routines good quality deep cleansing product. Do not be afraid of the peelings try to treat your skin with it once a week. Choose peeling which is same as your skin, if you have dry skin, use only gentle kind of peelings.

Have you ever wondered, how can Jennifer Aniston look all the time so perfectly sun tan? It is not a natural tan on her skin she just uses a high quality tanning products. It makes her skin look perfectly bronze, while there is no extra damage to the skin cells like sun would do. If you decide to try some of these self-tanning products, read carefully the instruction of how to use them. You have to apply them in a thin layer and spread evenly all over your body. Do not forget your neck!

Do you have similar light skin like Charlize Theron? Her trick to have healthy blush on her cheeks is well chosen bronzer. Look for some bronzers which contain brightening particles, they add to your skin little glitter. Apply it only under your cheekbones.

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